Когда сажать юкку садовую

Когда сажать юкку садовую

Rough Translations

  1. up In a taxi the dachshund asked the taxi driver about the fare. The taxi driver replied, "The ride for dachshunds is free."
  2. up In the woods I tie the vines, On the cart I bring the vines. Goat, do not lick the vines- I'll punish you!
  3. up Two puppies cheek to cheek are nibbling a broom in the corner
  4. up In the low water we lazily fished for burbot (a fish), In the low water we lazily fished for tench (a fish). Didn't you kindly ask me for love, The fogs of the estuary have lured me.
  5. up The cap was made not as a cap. The bell was made not as a bell. The cap needs to be remade. The bell needs to be remade.
  6. up The Gypsy on tip-toes told to the chik be quiet.
  7. up Brother Arkadij slaughtered a grey cow on the Ararat mountains.
  8. up Red grapes grow on the mountain Ararat.
  9. up The backer Peter was baking pies.
  10. up A parrot says to another parrot: "I'll scare you, parrot". The second parrot answers: "Scare me, parrot, scare me."
  11. up Whey out of sour clotted milk
  12. up I'm driving over the pot-holes, I cannot get out of the pot-holes
  13. up You can't neither tongue-twist nor retonguetwist all the tongue twisters.
  14. up The crow lost the little crow.
  15. up Bells around the post.
  16. up The weaver weaves cloth on the clothes of Tanya (?).
  17. up Mice ate dried sushki (thin bagles), The mice invited other mice. The mice started eating the sushki and instantly broke their teeth.
  18. up Tell me about your purchases! What purchases? About purchases, purchases, your little purchases!
  19. up Rima is cleaning the wound. Roma beside her is washing the wound.
  20. up Thief Titus is thief Titus' father.
  21. up I've been to the Frol's place, lying to Frol about Lavr. Now I'll go to the Lavr's place, will lie to Lavr about Frol.
  22. up The boats manoeuvred, manoeuvred, but they didn't succeed (to outmanoeuvre).
  23. up Hey you, lions, wasn't it you roaring at the Newa river?
  24. up Hush mice, the cat is on the roof and the kittens cats are higher up.
  25. up There stands a hill in the middle of the courtyard. In the courtyard there is grass, on the grass are logs. Don't chop the logs on the grass of the courtyard.
  26. up The young man ate thirty-three pies one after the other, all with (cottage) cheese.
  27. up There walked three priests, three Prokops, three Prokopevichs. The talked about a priest, about a Prokop, about a priest, about a Prokopevich.
  28. up The priest stands on the stack, on the priest is a cap, the stack is under the priest, the priest is under the cap.
  29. up Feofan Mitrofanych has three sons Feofanych.
  30. up Buy a pile of pikes (lances).
  31. up Because of the clatter of hoofs dust flies over the field.
  32. up The cuckoo bought a hood for the little cuckoo. The little cuckoo put on the hood, How funny he is, wearing the hood.
  33. up Greka rode over a river. Greka saw a crab in the river. Greka dipped his hand in the river. The crab bit the hand of Greka !
  34. up Four black dirty little devils drew a drawing with black ink.
  35. up Fourty mice walked along. They carried fourty pennies. Two broader mice carried two pennies each.
  36. up Pankrat Konrdatov forgot the jack, and without the jack Pankrat cannot lift the tractor on the highway.
  37. up The cap is sewn not cap-ly, it must be re-cap-ped. For the one who will re-cap the cap a half-cellar full of turnips, a half-cap full of peas.
  38. up Rhododendrons from the tree-nursery
  39. up At once, Klim, strike the wedge.
  40. up Crested laughers laughed with laughs: ha, ha ha, ha!
  41. up Our cobbler is all cobblers' cobbler, nobody can over-cobble our cobbler.
  42. up Paraskovya changed her crucian (fish) for three silver-gray pigletts. The pigletts ran through the dew, the pigletts caught a cold, but not all.
  43. up The pig, white snouted, blunt snouted, rooted up half the yard.
  44. up Where, old man, did you take the bast from? Or did you un-bast-shoe it?
  45. up Karl stole corals from Klara, and Klara stole a clarinet from Karl.
  46. up Sasha walked down the highway and sucked on a dry (ring-shaped) cracker.
  47. up Mama washed Mila with soap. Mila did not like soap.
  48. up The ox has blunt lips, it is a blunt-lipped ox.
  49. up Ivan blockhead stirred the milk, and he didn't spill it.
  50. up Prokop came - the dill is cooking, Propok went - the dill is cooking. With Prokop the dill cooks, an without Prokop the dill cooks.
  51. up Osip is howling, Arkhip isn't stopping - who will howl louder than the other. Osip fell asleep. Arkhip became hoarse.
  52. up A he-goat walks with a cross-eyed she-goat, a he-goat walks with a bare-footed she-goat. A she-goat walks with a cross-eyed he-goat, a she-goat walks with a bare-footed he-goat.
  53. up Peter Petrovich, called Perov caught puny little bird. He carried it to the market and asked for fifty kopeks. They gave him five. He sold it anyway.
  54. up The beaver is good to the little beavers.
  55. up Blunt-lipped ox, little blunt-lipped ox, the ox's white lip was blunt.
  56. up The liar put it in the chest, and the (female) liar took it out of the chest.
  57. up Is it you, Ilya, or I, Ilya?
  58. up Lena barely ate. She thus ate because of laziness.
  59. up Our river is as wide as the Oka river.
  60. up The cap was not sown as a cap. The bell was made not as a bell. The cap needs to be remade. The bell needs to be remade.
  61. up The chickens are asking for millet. Prosya (female name) is bringing millet on a tray to chickens. All Prosya's tresses are covered with millet.
  62. up In the woods I tie the vines. On the cart I bring the vines. Goat, do not lick the vines. I'll punish you!
  63. up Grandfather Daniel divided a melon. A slice for Dima, a slice for Dina.
  64. up Did you wasch the rasberry? We washed it but we didn't soap it.
  65. up Lilac spire of the Admiralty (Saint Petersburg)
  66. up The cuckoo sew a hood for the little cuckoo. How funny is the littel cuckoo, wearing the hood.
  67. up Peter is a cook and Paul is a cook. Peter baked, and Paul cooked on steam. Paul cooked on steam and Peter baked. Peter is a cook and Paul is a cook.
  68. up By the road there stands a mountain with bags. Every time I go up there, I fix a bag.
  69. up The password is "Eagle
  70. up The heron languished, the heron withered, the heron died, in the end.
  71. up Buying a parrot, don't frighten the parrot, don't frighten the parrot, buying the parrot!
  72. up Mila was washing her teddy-bear with soap, Mila dropped the soap and didn't finish washing her teddy-bear.
  73. up light-lilac armoured troop-carrier
  74. up izpodvypodverta" (untranslatable)
  75. up A small gutter-bendt unscrewed spoon
  76. up The cur barks on the dish.
  77. up The Chitinka River flows (through) Chita Town.
  78. up Once upon a time there was a beetle...
  79. up Grizzly bears were gnawing a mouse, but didn't manage to gnaw it to death.
  80. up A shill was driving a "Ferrari", went mad and crashed into the lamp-post.
  81. up Laurentius bumped into Laura in The Louvre.
  82. up Vanja, get out of the steambath!
  83. up That's why poet Omu sings the poem to poet Mu.
  84. up nonsense text
  85. up Borya has a screw, Vova has a bandage.
  86. up Varya and Valya where playing on the piano.
  87. up Three chatterbox-magpies where chattering on a hill.
  88. up (They) shredded Valyas and Varyas boots and mittens.
  89. up Cunning magpie will bring cause trouble/confusion, and forty magpies (will cause) forty troubles.
  90. up Don't have one hundred roubles, but have one hundred friends.
  91. up Bark at the moon. Your cat is on the ice.


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Ethnologue, Languages of the World: Russian

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